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When you need a lawyer who will sit down and listen to you and take action to help protect you, your future, and your rights, you can trust the attorneys at the law firm of Gaydos & Turner, PLLC. Bring us your legal questions and concerns and we will provide the personal attention, skill, and experience necessary to resolve your personal or business-related legal matter. As always, we operate with the highest degree of integrity and compassion and strive to provide each client the exceptional results anticipated when working with Gaydos & Turner, PLLC.

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Whether you are dealing with a DUI or criminal charge, divorce, custody issue, real estate, personal injury, estates, employment, or business-related matter, Gaydos & Turner, PLLC is committed to providing prompt, high-quality legal services. We handle a wide range of issues for our clients ranging from drafting wills, trusts, and contracts to seeking compensation for injuries caused by personal injury and wrongful death claims, commercial and business representation, and much more. If you require legal assistance, contact our firm right away so we can discuss your needs and develop a plan to remedy your situation.

DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer – Petersburg and Grant County, WV

Have you been arrested or charged with a DUI, drug charge, domestic offense, or other crime in Petersburg or within Grant County, West Virginia? Even if law enforcement just wants to “talk to you,” it is important to call us right away to help protect your legal rights. Unfortunately, if you are being questioned you may already be suspected of committing the crime and anything you say could be used against you – whether or not you actually committed the crime! Do not allow yourself to become a victim of the legal system. Whether you made a mistake or had nothing at all to do with the crime, contact Gaydos & Turner, PLLC right away. We can help protect your rights –and safeguard your freedom.

Petersburg and Grant County, WV — Divorce and Custody Attorney

The attorneys at Gaydos & Turner, PLLC offer knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel and representation for all aspects of divorce and custody in Petersburg, Grant County, and all of north central West Virginia. The divorce process does not have to be a horrific, drama-filled process that destroys your bank account and sanity. We help take stress, worry, and emotional strife out of the situation. As a client-focused law firm, we strive to do what is best for you and your family’s future. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome while preserving your rights. We are proud of our reputation for providing trusted, cost-effective, divorce-related legal services for our clients and look forward to assisting you, as well.

Need a Lawyer? Call Us First! We Can Help!