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When the quality of your legal services and representation matter, contact Gaydos & Turner, PLLC. Our attorneys assist individuals and businesses in Parsons, Davis, Thomas, and surrounding areas in Tucker County with resolution of an extensive range of inconvenient and threatening personal and professional legal issues that may arise. At Gaydos & Turner, PLLC, the outcome of your case matters.

Divorce, Custody, Business Litigation,
Personal Injury and Contract Law

At Gaydos & Turner, PLLC, our attorneys and staff have considerable experience in diverse areas of law ranging from family law and injury claims to contract law, employment law, commercial litigation, criminal defense, and much more. We are able to handle all of your most common personal and business-related legal needs with attentiveness and attention to detail. We provide assistance for the following:

Wills, Trusts, and Estates – Parsons, Davis & Thomas, WV

When you are ready to prepare your Last Will and Testament, secure your family’s future with a trust, or explore the many estate options available, contact Gaydos & Turner, PLLC. We can answer all of your questions and get you on the path to long-term security and peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from residents of Parsons, Thomas, Davis, and all of Tucker County and north central West Virginia. Let us help ensure that your wishes are followed.

Tucker County, WV Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer

The criminal laws of West Virginia can be complex and confusing. If you have been arrested, charged with DUI or committing a crime, or if law enforcement personnel have indicated a desire to speak with you, contact our firm immediately. Whether you committed the offense in question or not, your actions or inactions could possibly be used against you to fabricate a case. Do not discuss the incident in question with anyone and contact Gaydos & Turner, PLLC for answers to all your questions. We provide prompt assistance for all criminal defense-related matters.

Need a Lawyer? Call Us First! We Can Help!